ACT Prep

The ACT is the most widely taken college entrance exam. Most students begin preparation before and during their junior year.

The Door Opener

The ACT is an exam used in the admissions process for colleges. A good score will open doors to scholarships, placement into subjects, and admission into colleges. This exam can be taken multiple times with the highest score being a 36. To learn more about the ACT, including registration requirements, fees visit the ACT's official website.

The Matīn Method

Our instructors hope to open doors for the next generation of students so they can maximize opportunities for scholarships and college admissions. We aim to provide affordable yet high quality small-group ACT prep for students.

Active Learning

Our teaching style allows students to take ownership of their learning. We engage our students and expect them to understand the concept being tested for every questions. This methodology works for almost all standardized exams. Students do not succeed through route memorization. We expect students to use information learned and apply them by answering questions. Through a process of learning, challenging, and reinforcing material learned, we know that our students will ace the ACT.

Face the Challenge

We teach our students through focusing on problem-based learning. Our teachers challenge our students to understand how to arrive at the correct answer and eliminate the incorrect answers. We teach in small groups to ensure a collaborative environment while providing adequate time for teacher-student interaction. Through our instruction, we know students will succeed in all types of questions presented on the ACT.

Location and Timing

Classes will be held via Zoom on Monday through Wednesday from 5-6 pm. Classes are ongoing throughout the year so you join at any time. Register to receive specific information about your class and instructor!

"Matīn will save you time by teaching you to think critically about every question. It's challenging but worth it."